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1983 ‧Founded in Taiwan, Taichung , JETEC Electronics Co., Ltd
‧Self-made production/Selling - Thermocouple
1990 ‧Self-made production/selling–Digital Temperature Controller
1998 ‧Official representative for AICHI, Japan-selling series of flow meter products
1999 ‧Official representative for E+E, Austria-selling series of temperature and humidity products
2000 ‧Official representative of TOHO-selling series of controller products
‧Official representative of STS-selling series of level transmitter products
2002 ‧Official representative of COPAL-selling series of pressure products
‧Authorized by many famous manufacture company, provide high-quality controller to many different countries.
2003 ‧Established branch company in ShenZhen, China
‧Established pressure developing Dep.-self-made production of Model.JPT-131“ceramic pressure transmitter"
‧Established branch company in Dong Guan, China
2005 ‧Import Japanese SCR/SSR series products
2006 ‧Pressure developing Dep.-self-made product Model.JPT-131S “Strainguage-pressure transmitter"
‧Combine JETEC self-made products with representative products, provide clients a plan of conformability systematically.
2007 ‧Established branch company in Tainan, Taiwan
2008 ‧Develop on main business’s industry company project—XIAMEN Chang Gung Medical Foundation、PouChen chuan chyimachine…
2009 ‧Develop on government conformability project-Chunghwa Telecom、waterworks、HsuehshanTunnel…
2013 ‧JETEC set up research and development team with industry extensive experience and provide immediate field trouble shoot solution.
2014 ‧Released new YOTTA SENSE of environmental sensors to continuously meet customers’ demand.