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Digital Temperature Controller
Program Controller(PLC)
Paperless Recorder
Pen or Point Recorder
USB Temp/RH Data Logger
Large LCD-T/H Data Logger
Multi-function Data Logger
Thermocouple / RTD
Infrared Temperature Sensor
Muliti-function LED Display
Muliti-function LED Display
For Outdoor Applications
For Indoor Applications
For HVAC Applications
Large LCD-T/H Data Logger
Flow Meter For Air
Flow Meter For Fuel Gas
Small Flow Sensor for liquid
Air Velocity Transmitter
For General Purpose
Flush Diaphragm Type
Differential Pressure Transmitter
Submersible Level Transmitter
Level Switch
Water Leak Sensor
CO Transmitter
CO2 Transmiiter
Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Compact Weather Station
Wind Speed / Direction Sensor
Rain Gague
Quantum Sensor
Soil Sensors And Measurements
Water Quality Sensor
Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring System
Long-range Wireless Integrator
Customized Software (j-MoniSoft)
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